The EcoTech Difference

Outdoor has long been one of the mainstays of the advertising business. Whether it’s large-scale billboards, posters, taxis, one sheets or point of purchase displays at the check out counter, out of home delivers repeated impressions with an informational or entertaining soft sell that consumers find attractive. EcoTech Displays take out door and kicks it up a notch.

An Urban Alternative

How do you reach a highly active audience with repeated impressions without turning them off?

Take a look at the map of Manhattan on the gallery page. The dots indicate locations of EcoTech Displays. Then imagine your product or message on every one. How many impressions per month would that yield? Now take it a step further. Design a campaign that combines outdoor with the web that drives consumers to your website to register and receive a coupon or special offer.

Match the product with the audience

Any company that wants to reach a younger, hipper, urban consumer with disposable income is a candidate for EcoTech Displays. One top category is wine and spirits. Others are fashion, media, education, home furnishings and technology.

For more information about how EcoTech Displays can meet your advertising goals contact:
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