Why EcoTech?

The EcoTech Opportunity

Long term EcoTech Displays will be distributed widely across the U.S. providing advertisers with a new option for their local, regional and national campaigns.

Currently the largest concentration of EcoTech Displays are in Manhattan.  To date more than 150 display units are located at high traffic areas, on the upper east side, the west side, the financial district, the Times Square area and mid-town in and around 34th St.

Nationwide future locations include: Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington D.C.


Meeting Consumers where they work and play

Many of EcoTech displays are located directly outside of restaurants. Not only are they visible to customers coming in or out of the establishment but they’re also in plain sight of passers by on the street. And while it’s difficult to get an exact count of the number of impressions a particular display receives, as anyone who’s been in New York knows, Manhattan streets are among the most heavily trafficked in the world.

The EcoTech Audience

The majority of restaurant and tavern patrons are young and middle aged adults with disposable incomes. Research shows that the average young New Yorker eats out or visits a pub at least once a week, many, more often than that. But as marketing managers will tell you, this demographic is frequently on the go and hard to reach. 

Planning Strategy

EcoTech Difference